Do you want your party, event,

dance or ceremony feel like you

are listening to a Bluesy or Oldies

Station? Enjoy the hits and ole’ school tunes of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s with Atlanta’s latest sensation, the Way Back Band. 

We not only provide you with wonderful music, we bring you a Radio-style DJ that helps to bring you back there. And whether it is Motown, R&B, Blues, Rock & Roll, Swing or Classic Rock, the Way Back Band will take you way back there and help you relive wonderful moments!

With terrific musicianship, these three seasoned musicians and singers have a way to create a full bigger band sound in both smaller as well as larger settings and venues. Perfect for restaurants and smaller intimate settings, as well as for larger halls and big scale events, (we can also pull a large network of great musician for big band needs) we will create a great energy for fun, dance and laughter to help make your event a success!

So check out our video’s and pictures. View our partial song list (we take on the spot or advanced requests). Or come see us play! And contact us for your venue! We will delight you and your audience!

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